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  • Thu, 03:53: I've been asking @sbathiche for function lock on @surface keyboard since October; coming soon!
  • Thu, 04:41: Encouraging thing about how Microsoft helps take down botnets; it's using current legislation/tools. Govs take note.
  • Thu, 05:43: If Ms/FBI can take down botnets with current tools & laws, governments don't need the filters, censorship & 'snooper's charters' they claim?
  • Thu, 05:54: RT @FreshPaintTeam: We're looking for a few good digital #painters in the Seattle area to help us with the new version. Message us for deta…
  • Thu, 05:58: RT @explanoit: I can get a Tier 1 helpdesk tech to run my Windows domain for 40k a year, while Linux admins demand 75k. TCO checkmate, comm…
  • Thu, 05:59: RT @Pete_Brown: I'm going to create a proxy that detects crappy hotel nerd event bandwidth and plays modem noises below certain thresholds
  • Thu, 06:02: own your achievements RT @SallieKrawcheck: When Women Don't Take Credit For Their Own Good Work on Teams: study
  • Thu, 06:09: opprobrium u feel at...ridiculously broad surveillance powers needs to be directed at CONGRESS...keeps approving them
  • Thu, 06:20: the traffic metadata the NSA actually got is faster to analyse & probably more useful than the content of your phone calls they didn't get
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