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  • Thu, 21:17: RT @Merredith: @marypcbuk @ChenLizra wouldnt it be revolutionary to re-label 'Plus' dresses as 'Normal?' As in, "she's a Normal Size 12 mod…
  • Thu, 21:18: people who told me post @stevesi Windows team would be more transparent; where are the long detailed blogs about planning & engineering 8.1?
  • Thu, 21:30: RT @smedlee: The worst thing about when someone tells you to chillax is what to do with their corpse.
  • Thu, 21:45: volume licencing required for editing with Office 2013 version RT @getwired: How to License Office Web Apps Server
  • Thu, 21:50: Apple approved a gay cure app? really? if true, that's not cool
  • Thu, 22:05: those forward-looking analysts at Morgan Stanley finally noticed that cloud has implications for hardware businesses
  • Thu, 22:16: Microsoft put search from the Start menu in Vista, pulled it when Google complained; will they be less of a pushover this time?
  • Thu, 22:17: RT @ellouis: RT @Durf: My new goal in life is to travel the world looking for properly labeled shafts so I can do this.
  • Thu, 22:43: sideways scrolling that made your only-as-wide-as-the screen-desktop background look ugly on the start screen; does 8.1 magically fix that?
  • Thu, 23:20: RT @DrPizza: Hi, @lddota/@beyondthesummit. Can we please ban "man up" and "man fight" and even on one occasion "woman down"? It's the year …
  • Fri, 00:00: Lots of Volts and a few Leafs in the parking lot (Checked in at Microsoft)
  • Fri, 01:43: Grabbing a bite at the sandwich shop underneath Mozilla; hopping on their guest WiFi if I can
  • Fri, 03:08: A Windows Phone so much cheaper than a Samsung Galaxy that you can also buy a laptop for the same price
  • Fri, 03:11: Just saw a 5" LG phablet in Frys; the size & ratio just seems inherently ludicrous
  • Fri, 04:41: never realised how square a bobcat looks or how long its legs are; especially stalking away up the track
  • Fri, 06:27: Sometimes the sushi classics are best; caterpillar roll great, calamari roll not quite (Checked in at Mobo Sushi)
  • Fri, 06:53: Real-time botnet reporting service for ISPs and governments, runs on Azure
  • Fri, 07:19: Between having to watch vines about @ie & having to think about Atom & other frustrations, I need a Grumpy Mary avatar for today
  • Fri, 07:49: maybe I'm so very meh about those new Windows 8.1 features because I haven't seen them working. whole > parts?
  • Fri, 11:55: The big bet: Microsoft doubles down on services in Windows 8.1 #zdnet
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