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  • Sun, 18:44: RT @stevesi: was talking to some finance folks who told me how frustrating it that their 50" video conf monitor does not support touch like…
  • Sun, 19:01: RT @Bill_Gross: Bain study of 250 execs w/responsibility for M&A found 90% knew that 2/3 of takeovers reduce value, but said this time will…
  • Sun, 20:59: Inside my chile verde smothered omelette; more chile verde. Love real local diner cooking. Warning; *giant* portions http://t.co/tFciwAyuy2
  • Sun, 21:13: Mobile malware is still just Android malware. One platform where I would recommend av http://t.co/Pid5lp2Bv8
  • Sun, 21:16: Is Android fragmentation still a problem if users of older OS phones aren't even trying to download apps? (me: yes) http://t.co/yacjTLzEUd
  • Mon, 00:27: Friendliest fruit stand ever; stopped for cherries & they had us taste everything & take frozen pomegranate juice! http://t.co/RN0s5YMnqX



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