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  • Fri, 17:18: TechRadar Pro: How to set up DLP policies with Exchange Online - Using rules and policies for data loss prevention
  • Fri, 17:33: Even chained, Promtheus held fire, technology and love of mankind in his hands; that's what educators should have hold of #fire2013
  • Fri, 17:59: RT @sbisson: "Transparency is not a magic bullet: but it is the core of capitalism, law, science. Without it they stifle and die" @davidbri
  • Fri, 18:01: groupthink and fashion? RT @tomspilman: We're Indie, we like Microsoft. Too Controversial?
  • Fri, 18:06: tech gives us always-on info level of gossipy village we can make supportive or intrusive says David Brin; might not be us making the choice
  • Fri, 18:08: RT @Mark_J_Perry: Prepare to Start Making Things Again; Why US nat gas boom is good news for US manufacturing and bad news for China http:/…
  • Fri, 18:14: RT @edbott: You don't have to be completely clueless about customer service to get in the domain registrar business, but apparently it help…
  • Fri, 18:16: RT @jtwentyman: TOP TIP: If you're asking a journalist for pre-publication copy approval, you probably shouldn't be talking to journalists …
  • Fri, 18:20: RT @jnack: Chinese Photoshop Trolls Are Way Funnier Than American Photoshop Trolls
  • Fri, 18:25: Silicon Valley feedback to criticism of SV inequality does a fairly good job of proving the original point
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    Sun, 12:40: RT @ MSFTResearch: Explore artists’ interventions on surveillance, from policing to encryption, e-waste, & AI. Join Dr. Simone…

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    Sat, 17:30: proof that a feature hasn't shipped until it's documented Sat, 17:33: RT @ sarahmquinlan: So many men…

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    Fri, 12:29: RT @ soapachu: Hey remember when he illegally prorogued Parliament to prevent scrutiny of his 'great new deal'? Fri, 12:30: RT…

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