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  • Thu, 19:13: Who owns the future? discursive, provocative argument alternative to digital serfdom of our eyeballs &sharing ability
  • Thu, 19:16: How easy is it to migrate to Office 365? SkyKick says it can speed up the average 40 hours it takes
  • Thu, 20:05: RT @kevinmarks: #iiw @marcedavis if your data is you, human rights apply, not property rights. The metaphors we use matter.
  • Thu, 20:06: RT @cstross: I am afraid I have a knee-jerk response to seeing extreme right-wing racist politicians on TV. Knee-jerk to the ‘nads, that is.
  • Thu, 21:57: so there's a kickstarter coming to kickstart a documentary film about kickstarted movies; did kickstarting just eat its own head?
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