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  • Fri, 15:13: Getting in Walmart and on Home Shopping Network is what Windows Phone needs to reach a mainstream audience
  • Fri, 15:16: So I've been updating my Amazon profile page; check out both our books on Windows 8 plus more useful links
  • Fri, 15:42: RT @bdsams: We had the race to the bottom with netbooks that killed the market, now we have the race to the bottom with tablets.
  • Fri, 15:46: I love seeing a random awesome photo as my desktop background, courtesy of syncing the Bing dynamic themes
  • Fri, 16:07: just had a recruiter pitch me 'bespoke content for my publication'; usual accuracy of recruiters carries over to their PR, I see
  • Fri, 16:09: funny. sad. schadenfreude. so many shades of grey RT @kurtsh: Nothin' funnier than reading "Source: Digitimes" at the end of an article.
  • Fri, 17:02: so in the US it's legal to change the IMEI but not to unlock the phone? strange priorities
  • Fri, 17:08: the Windows 8 page on Wikipedia got vandalised according to @thurrott wait, people still use Wikipedia for tech?
  • Fri, 17:56: Kantar says Windows Phone up 1.9% in US Q1 vs Q1 2012; Android down 1.9% although from a far larger market share
  • Fri, 18:25: how far is tech the problem #BYOD solves and how far is overly aggressive IT lockdown the problem? #citechat
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