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  • Sat, 13:23: RT @Biojammer: This is the best thing I've read about the anti-vaxx movement. Open letter from someone pro. Just avoid the comments. htt ...
  • Sat, 13:26: bwaha MT @zephoria !?! We elected to put our money & faith in a mathematical framework free of politics & human error
  • Sat, 13:26: RT @RichNeville: Many at Wednesday’s funeral will be seeking some kind of closure. A library or emergency ward, perhaps. Anything to he ...
  • Sat, 18:12: Help! I am trapped on the couch under two large heavy cats and I can't get up!
  • Sun, 00:36: RT @codinghorror: wait so this Wordpress admin password cracking botnet is possible because WP doesn't limit failed login attempts *at a ...
  • Sun, 00:40: Anti-cloud comments sounding like Royston Vasey; local servers for local users!
  • Sun, 00:53: If only there was some reliable way to spot bigots. Apart from the irrational bigotry & sheer crazy that is...
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