Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Today I have been mostly

Sleeping and arranging my itinerary... I took Gary out to lunch at Piranha, which was tasty and relaxed and I just love sitting outside at a table in *february* :-) my way into town lay past (or rather through) a secondhand bookshop: I found a Dorothy Dunnett and a Timothy Holmes I didn't know about and I strolled through the park and the arts centre again.

It's not so much that I avoided the huge queue at the visitor information centre as that I helped cause it! We must have spent 90 minutes working out that my itinerary works, planning excursions and booking tickets and accommodation for just the first five days. Scenix train across the alps, trip to the pancake rocks, down to a glacier, out to two fjords, into a glow worm cave, over a gorge railway, up to a mining down, on a steam cruise on a lake, out to the round boulders, up to whale watch and then onto the ferry over to Wellington - it's going to be a busy few days!

I took the tram ride round town: nice to get the snippets like who the statues are - including Scott of the antarctic sculpted by his widow in stone instead of bronze so the council didn't want to pay for it, the dandelion fountain, the pastel shopping street, the seven pillars in front of the art gallery representing the 7 maori canoes that arrived here (entitled reasons to travel), the complicated glass front to the art gallery representing the ripples of the river avon and the fact that the beautiful pavement painting of how to learn to fly was done by an artist from Melbourne during the Buskers festival in January using acrylics and it hasn't washed off in the rain!

Starbucks is Starbucks everywhere but the peach and custard muffins are nice!

Walked back through the botanic gardens, took some photos of the sunset light and cooked and chatted with Gary all evening. Now to pack: can I get thinks into wheely backpack rather than huge suitcase? Squish! Squash! Thump!

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