Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Sun, 20:14: What's that? There are people who dislike Windows 8 without trying it, then try it and like it? #shockedItellyou
  • Mon, 01:18: I'm guessing Google has an algorithm suggesting birthday to doodle each day; algorithms don't get social. OTOH social change= Easter message
  • Mon, 01:22: RT @KristiWonk: Who else is amused that Christians are boycotting #google and going to #bing from Microsoft which openly supports #gayma ...
  • Mon, 01:23: RT @bschorr: @edbott I'm going to hold a contest where I'll select 20K people at random and they each get to pay me $5. @GlennF
  • Mon, 01:27: Wait, people who pay for Windows 8 on Amazon like it more than XP or Vista? usual dose of common sense from @edbott
  • Mon, 01:28: Other people like to lick the cookie mixing bowl; I prefer the tasty bits in the bottom of the roasting pan #bestbit
  • Mon, 01:54: Can we start referring to the spare room as the library when there are more books in the rest of the house than in the spare room?
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