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  • Thu, 13:00: RT @charlesarthur: BlackBerry tells me the 1m Z10 order (from Brightstar, though it’s not saying) only begins this quarter. Not in finan ...
  • Thu, 13:01: I don't expect the BlackBerry figures today to include many (if any) of the Z10 handsets for the US market; those will be in next figures
  • Thu, 14:05: RT @sbisson: Folk seem to like my macro shots of cherry blossoms in Putney, so I've wrapped them up as a Windows Theme. Enjoy. http://t. ...
  • Thu, 14:13: You can't fault the Mail Online for SEO & digital publishing but oh, I dislike their content & bigotry
  • Thu, 18:11: you can now use Oyster pay as you go on the Thames clipper riverboats and there are more services from Putney
  • Thu, 18:15: RT @6: CyberBunker once *wanted* to host #Wikileaks, but talks fell through. As evidenced by Wikileaks still conspicuously being up and ...
  • Thu, 18:25: definitely going to start using the phrase 'Schroedinger's douchebag'
  • Thu, 19:03: I *love* how easy it is to uninstall Windows Store apps on Windows 8; devs should be aware & treat as incentive to make better apps too
  • Thu, 20:16: wow; a whole ten patents? that's a little *small* for a comprehensive patent pledge
  • Thu, 20:20: RT @hadleybeeman: Thought-provoking post on Summly, the TL;DR culture & the value in repackaging other people's tech. From @el33th4x ...
  • Thu, 21:20: RT @Microsoft: Corporate synergy alert! Check out this free @Windows 8 tablet prop for your @Xbox avatar: http:/ ...
  • Thu, 21:21: RT @tristan: I'd love to know in what mythical universe Schmidt thinks Android tablets have more apps and better security. ...
  • Thu, 22:55: Inertia in IT and why it's such a bad thing
  • Thu, 23:06: Argument for guns in the UK; so I could shoot out the burglar alarms going off to say "I have no power". Power cut plus AWFUL NOISE
  • Fri, 00:39: RT @edbott: Omigod. If I were allowed to write April Fools stories I would totally do "The return of Clippy in Windows Blue"
  • Fri, 11:51: Using their new patent tracker I can see what fraction of the 39k patents Microsoft pledged not to assert against open source = Google's 10
  • Fri, 11:53: RT @levie: "We have our own Android OS" is the new "we have a mobile app."
  • Fri, 12:00: The problems of a laissez faire approach to an app store; popular apps turn out to break someone else's rules
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