Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Fri, 15:32: RT @MattRosoff: Acer sells 400,000 Chromebooks since last summer and they're "taking off." Microsoft sells 400,000 Surface Pros in a mon ...
  • Fri, 17:02: RT @bit101: After using my Surface Pro for the last month, using a NON-touch screen computer is beggining to get quite annoying. Touch i ...
  • Fri, 17:06: RT @Karen_Friar: Naively shocked to discover there's no way to complain if you have a problem with @googlenexus customer service.
  • Fri, 18:01: RT @KuraFire: “I don't need to dox her, ddos her blog, or denigrate her race or gender in order to disagree with her.” ...
  • Fri, 18:07: um, anyone I know at #MacAfee or #Intel want to tell me what's wrong with this patronising tripe? no love, me
  • Fri, 19:27: RT @getwired: Words cannot describe how much I hope that Apple isn't really making a watch. Imagine if the tech industry just punked itself?
  • Fri, 20:29: RT @TrinAndTonic: "I tried to pick normal-looking women" means you're still assessing them by their looks bro #Complex
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