Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe


Another lovely sunny day this time without the wind peppering me with acorns. We took Lance to the swing then left Gary Lance-sitting and walked into town through the park and botanic gardens: there was a brass band in full swing, resplendent in red jackets and mostly drowning out the distant bagpipes (no lute detected). No-one has stuck any notices in the cork tree! Was very tempted by the banana palms in the plant sale. Looked at even more nice craft galleries in the arts centre, wandered round the market stalls, ate a thai pancake (midway between spanish omelette, potato latke and vegetable flatbread - very tasty) with raspberry ice cream that they make by churning vanillla ice cream with fresh fruit in a mister whippy machine and then spent a happy afternoon making jewellry in the bead shop. Elisa made big hoop earrings with dangling tails in red and crystal and I made a three-string necklace with chunks of paua shell, black mother of pearl, gold pearls and tiny labdorit!
e beads. Pretty! The shop has a Web site and I suspect I will spend entirely too much money there!

Gary has helped me plan out a possible itinerary and I'm going in to the visitor information tomorrow to work out if it will work and how many days it will take. There are some things that are probably too hard to get to without a car but there's way more to do than I could fit into the time anyway.

I saw a chalk painting on the pavement with instructions for flying and a moorish cityscape to practise with... Time to take off!

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors

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