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  • Mon, 12:01: Wednesday, sponsored screening of CODEBREAKER at Microsoft - East London, celebrating Turing via @eventbrite
  • Mon, 12:12: RT @NokiaKnowings: Here Maps will be the default nav. for the new Firefox OS
  • Mon, 12:24: Ooh, Spotify in Ford's SYNC AppLink voice-control platform for European cars
  • Mon, 12:29: Cameron wants to use the UK aid budget for military instead? Excuse me, but the empire days are over.
  • Mon, 12:30: Spending ring fenced aid money; just another coalition promise broken?
  • Mon, 13:07: Why yes, yes I am unfeasibly cute in the wrong place...
  • Mon, 13:55: RT @cstross: I should stop tweeting and start working. I should ...
  • Mon, 13:56: Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs is the new rentaquote; he's been on more launch stages this year than SpaceX rockets. today, Asus...
  • Mon, 14:22: RT @sbisson: 21 followers short of 4000. Will I break through the magic number this week?
  • Mon, 14:23: RT @burnyourbones: Here's a thing: no-one wants to watch a video of something you could have written down in words. Ok if it's a song or ...
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