Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Apparently I'm still awake

Ioddly enough when I first get somewhere new what I see is similarities: it takes me a little while to see what's unique. At the moment 9hristchurch resembles Clapham transported to Devon: warm and unny with occasional showers when the sun stays out: a mix of delightful victorian, ugly 1960s and interesting modern architecture. The tech barbie I went to this evening wasn't a barbie - it was in the bar of the microbrewery that's just won best australasian beer for a lager though I stuck to the tangy, refreshing and decidedly alchoholic Ginger Tom - but it was nicely techie and trying to herd geeks from the bar to the chinese restaurant is the same the world over :-)

I'm staying with gary and his wife elise: baby lance was one today and he's a nice bright baby who likes to lokk at you and smile - he likes tugging gently on my braids. They live in a lovely huge house with wooden floors, arts and crafts style stained glass and carved wood (like all nice houses its taken a lot of effort to get this nice and I'm going to steal their idea of putting a circle of wood under the feet of the metal bed!).

I pottered with elise and lance, walking to the park and then into town to look at nice shops in the arts centre (which used to be the college): the book and bead shops are temptations to return to! The botanical garden feels very english, complete with a victorian fountain - called the peacock fountain but they look like herons to me! The cicadas are a constant background hum, soon to be counterpointed by my snores...

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors

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