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  • Fri, 12:19: RT @JonathanHaynes: RT @aljwhite: Joss Whedon on being asked why he writes such strong female characters: "Because you keep asking me th ...
  • Fri, 13:34: So, Ontario. Next week. In the snow. Things to do? People to see?
  • Fri, 14:07: I'm now in several interesting discussions about boots ;-)
  • Fri, 14:35: RT @batdrance: Software should be opinionated, but I shouldn’t have to join a cult to use an email client.
  • Fri, 14:39: the correct security procedures for labs with lasers #lol
  • Fri, 15:56: wow! message from IE10 just now "some of your tabs were refreshed to allow an IE Flash update". NTWIC excellent security from @ie
  • Fri, 15:58: "calling* an airline based in country A (from country B) & talking to an Indian call centre to pick a seat #haveyouheardofthiswebthing
  • Fri, 16:29: If you have #windows8 & leave windows update on default auto setting, seems #ie10 grabs & installs the emergency flash security update #nice
  • Fri, 16:30: RT @officeformac: Office for Mac is now available for Office 365 subscribers. More details:
  • Fri, 16:54: cautionary tale from @jeremiahg on what happens when you forget the password protecting your passwords & what really makes cracking hard
  • Fri, 16:55: RT @wpcentral: Spotify beta for Windows Phone 8 now live in the Store
  • Fri, 17:58: eep! packing heavy for our trip! RT @jimz22: Lol! RT @iS2you: RT @reneritchie: Happy snowpocalypse! Or as we call it in Canada, Friday.
  • Fri, 18:22: personal data mining is getting good; Tripit has noticed I like Best Western hotels near airports & suggests them specifically
  • Fri, 21:13: advertising your free service going paid with 2 weeks of tip mails with no unsubscribe link? blocked as spam on day 2
  • Fri, 21:15: Google level creep MT @mbrit: Interflora website offers to "remind you next year". Asks for relationship to self? "Unknown" is an option.
  • Fri, 21:31: I just hate PDFs so much. printing a 60-page PDF (to OneNote)? I could handwrite it in the same time
  • Fri, 21:37: horse meat thing; anyone drawn the lines to Tescos et al beating suppliers down to minimal quality/margin some years back? #knowyourfood
  • Fri, 21:47: Adding WinRT APIs to #windowsphone means rewriting phone apps to get them to run on #windows8 of course; thoughts on how substantially?
  • Fri, 21:59: painful, powerful account of some of the things that are truly hard; a benchmark for measuring your privilege against
  • Fri, 22:04: close to my life goals! RT @fxshaw: Thanks @stevecla for the very cool piece af art by@gapingvoid!
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