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  • Sat, 12:34: NFC & Windows Phone 8; because NFC "standards" are more complicated than you think
  • Sat, 13:04: RT @arebee: @DrPizza if people are being honest it's "WebKit is used by companies I like"
  • Sat, 14:32: fascinating account of early 3D graphics at Microsoft showing how long Windows has been internally confrontational
  • Sat, 14:34: I always knew Ms bought Softimage to get it on Windows NT to establish as graphics workstation, always wondered why it was quite so visible
  • Sat, 14:49: fascinating ancient history in Microsoft evangelism; I don't see this so much these days, more actual engagement
  • Sat, 14:49: RT @edbott: Microsoft says Windows 8 Media Center keys will work after January 31, but watch for activation headaches:
  • Sat, 15:05: RT @DHMorton: Keep Sturgeon's revelation in mind at all times.
  • Sat, 15:23: I know it's Finland but RT @wmpoweruser Lumia traffic overtakes iPhone and Android at major media network in Finland
  • Sat, 15:26: MT @thurrott: Gates denied a rumor that he has forbidden his children to use Apple products: "They've never shown any interest."
  • Sat, 16:20: ok, do I scream at Acrobat for not responding when I save to the network or at Samsung for the wifi driver that crashes 2x a day so no nw?
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