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Another transit lounge!

LA was grey and now it's dark: the streaming red and white of the cars on the freeway was such a contrast to the clouds and ice and mountains I'd seen every other time I looked out. I had an excellent view of lots of Scottish mountains and lochs: I slept through Greenland (the top of the world is so beautiful, up there at the back of the moon and the north wind). I watched a huge round sundog for a long time: like rainbows they give me such a feeling of joy. I don't want the feeling of floating through the clouds to ever be something banal for me: it feels so special to be there, to see the cracked ice and frozen lakes the way you never could from the ground. Imagine seeing it from space... This is a world of such beauty


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19th Feb, 2004 14:55 (UTC)
which LA was this? Where are you? Where were you? So are you in New Zealand? Anyways, sounds very lovely. *hugs*
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