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  • Sun, 19:33: This is the CES of the gadget-enabled business weirdo: so far press releases for smart forks (found y @sbisson ) and heated business shirts
  • Sun, 19:39: heavy handed ad at the end, but otherwise pitch-perfect evisceration of #DNT by DuckDuckGo #readmarklearn
  • Sun, 20:06: Being reminded again that the tech industry is siloes; storage doesn't understand cloud, security doesn't understand storage ;-(
  • Sun, 21:22: RT @chasedave: Good idea. I signed RT @claudiawilliams: Simple suggestion to phase out all-male panels @ tech conferences ...
  • Sun, 21:24: Note; by the time I have interesting things to say about CES, I'll be too busy to say them here ;-)
  • Sun, 22:42: People keep talking about convertible and hybrid tablets as if they're new instead of just going mainstream #earlyadopter
  • Sun, 22:51: RT @Gartenberg: Please stop complaining about CES. It's either relevant to you or not. If you don't like it, don't go.
  • Sun, 23:14: RT @maryjofoley: Beer drinkers: A native WP8 client for @untappd developed by Untappd is coming as early as Q1 2013: ...
  • Sun, 23:18: Thought; if I was never able to use google maps on windows phone, why are there maps urls in my WP IE history?
  • Mon, 04:21: As usual, NVIDIA CES press conference is starting at least half an hour late. Sorry guys, no-one has time for this at CES
  • Mon, 05:02: NVIDIA Grid cloud gaming; nice example of CES 2013 being where companies deliver what's previously announced (if we get a date)
  • Mon, 05:06: Looking at Jen-Hsun's Vegas snaps, I'm thinking he should get a #Lumia920
  • Mon, 05:19: NVIDIA promising fantastic photo features I've had on my Casio Exilim for 2/3 years like strobe shots & object tracking ;-)
  • Mon, 06:03: RT @sbisson: The trouble is, there is very little more boring than watching someone else playing video games.
  • Mon, 06:09: So NVIDIA Shield only needs the right graphics card and an extra receiver on my tv and a cloud gaming service. Hmmm
  • Mon, 11:09: Essential business travel tech: Speakers, power cells and backup #zdnet
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