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  • Fri, 21:36: On the narrow ridge of Kolob Terrace; canyon to the left of us, canyon to the right of us
  • Fri, 22:03: No APIs, especially not REST? #signsthatmakeuslaugh
  • Sat, 02:28: RT @ericatwiley: New polling: 50% of journalists don't understand math. Two years ago it was 40%, representing a 10% increase.
  • Sat, 02:33: RT @edbott: Google at War With Windows 8, Phone? Yeah, basically. via @BYTE
  • Sat, 02:33: RT @edbott: Lather rinse repeat RT @orinthomas remember it's OK for Google to block IE, but it's bad for IE to block Google
  • Sat, 03:38: What, when Microsoft only announced that last summer? RT SECRET: My sources indicate Surface Pro launch is happening in January.
  • Sat, 04:12: RT @sbisson: Just a thought: odds on Surface Pro and Office 2013 GA being the same date?
  • Sat, 04:13: Browser monoculture; yeah that worked out so well for the web last time around
  • Sat, 04:14: I said that when,Microsoft started engaging in W3C web standards some people would twist themselves into pretzels
  • Sat, 04:46: Webdevs; if you don't want to support a specific browser do you sniff & warn or sniff & block? Why?
  • Sat, 05:19: RT @blowdart: Has anyone done an Optimized for Webkit button yet?
  • Sat, 06:09: Nothing like Google blocking Windows Phone access to Google Maps & YouTube APIs to make me think Windows Phone 8 must be selling well...
  • Sat, 06:21: RT @sbisson: Jan 1: W3C says HTML5 is "stable and feature complete". Jan 4: Google only develops for WebKit. Open Web, what open Web?
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