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  • Thu, 22:51: Very few companies good at hardware AND software; always liked Nokia kit, hated Symbian. Outsourcing OS to Ms makes for a great combo.
  • Thu, 23:07: Been eating roast duck noodle soup here since 1984; comfort food FTW (Checked in at Wong Kei)
  • Thu, 23:10: RT @sbisson: Look world, Surface Pro isn't a low power, minimal CPU tablet. It's a Tablet PC. And that's a form factor that's been aroun ...
  • Fri, 00:34: RT @blowdart: Oh people. The huge table and chairs was not build by a farmer sticking it to the man, but by Jens Braun. He's a wood deal ...
  • Fri, 00:52: RT @stufox: It's amazing how many people who claim to not give a shit about Microsoft feel compelled to comment in detail about how much ...
  • Fri, 09:16: The problem of an ecosystem with cornerstone companies is when they underinvest and become millstones
  • Fri, 09:36: RT @arebee: @CarmenCrincoli @getwired @ExchServPro I think Hailstorm every time I see a Google property with G+ slapped on it...
  • Fri, 10:03: Really @twitter? Official #WindowsPhone8 app on uk phone forces us keyboard & spelling?
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