Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Mon, 12:56: Lazy & loving it; sync of saved website passwords between #windows8 & #windowsrt PCs is soooo convenient. Taking out friction.
  • Mon, 13:42: Ooh, hi-fi FUD for USB cables to connect a DAC; silver played wire to eliminate jittering "in response to customer demand"
  • Mon, 14:42: love it; @virginamerica has a plane called #nerdbird and you can hire it for a CES trip
  • Mon, 16:26: Seattle peeps; can anyone pick up a Live From The Mountain CD for @sbisson ? Original plan fell through. Will bribe with UK cookies etc
  • Tue, 01:56: Feeling the urge to add captions that turn these cat photos into a What's Michael yakuza action adventure comic
  • Tue, 10:43: Surveys say people will buy gadgets as presents? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked I say..
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