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I do wonder where this code came from talks about the amount of profanity in the leaked Microsoft code. That means it didn't come from anybody signed up for the Shared Source Initiative , where you get to look at Windows code through a smartcard-secured system because the last time I talked to Microsoft about the program I remember Jason Matusow (the Shared Source Product Manager) laughing about the fact that the hardest thing in cleaning up the code to show to people was taking out the cussing. That's good in one way - the SSI is secure. But it definitely leaves the question of where it did come from. An old laptop? A backup CD-R that got stuck to the back of a drawer?
EDIT: they've tracked it down to who, but not yet how. Remember Mainsoft? It's them

And the BBC comment that it's embarrassing to find profanity in the comments to code? I thought I didn't know any programmer who hasn't occasionally vented his frustration at a recalcitrant bug in a few choice words in the comments, but it turns out I know *one* ;-). It's almost worth tracking a copy down to see how imaginative the MS coders are when it comes to turning the air blue ;-)

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