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Why do you do what you do?

What's your job/profession/way of paying the bills?

Which of those is it? Calling, fallen into or make-money-shift?

Why do you do it?

What do you like or love about it?

What do you hate about it?

Come 2014 - only ten years! - do you think you'll still be doing the same thing?

I'll be posting mine later, but tell me about you too!


2nd Feb, 2004 15:56 (UTC)
1. co-ordinating a community research project (well, five of them), 2. Community based development education 3. a bit of ceremony creation

1. and 2. are part calling, part what I've decided to do with my working life.
3. is definitely a calling.

1. and 2. I like empowering people to think and act responsibly as part of the more-than-human social/environmental world. (The 'objective' bit of my CV now reads: "To further develop my effectiveness in education and action for local and global social, economic and environmental justice and sustainability.") I like the feeling that I'm doing something constructive for my pay packet.
3. I like helping people have the wedding/baby blessing/funeral they really want, but probably thought they couldn't have. I like the power of leading an effective ritual. I like the 'zap' when I do a handfasting. I like feeling I'm doing what I'm here for.

1. and 2. being exhausted all the time, too much driving.
1. is infuriating - people are *so damn slow* at deciding things, arranging meetings (for the most part).
2. feeling like it might all just be a concerned middle class drop of water in the face of a blazing inferno.
3. funerals are really stressful

2014 - don't know. Probably, in some way shape or form. Complementary therapies / stress management / spiritual counselling may make a reappearance by then :-)


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