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  • Sun, 14:57: RT @ericlaw: In the face of dishonest servers, perhaps the most effective approach is to avoid sending any traffic at all. ...
  • Sun, 14:58: RT @edbott: Dear Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, I will walk precincts and phone-bank for you if you ever run for office: http://t ...
  • Sun, 18:43: don't care if #windows8 RTM is primarily for evaluation not patching Flash in #IE10 till October is NOT COOL, Microsoft
  • Sun, 19:03: hey #yahoo - why do you insist on knowing my phone number when I pay for #Flickr Pro by credit card? creepy and intrusive
  • Sun, 21:15: the #TechNet wiki says 'Report inappropriate content using the Report Abuse link in the footer' but there is no such link ;-(
  • Sun, 21:15: RT @brianwhelanhack: Cue people who like tons of inexcusable middle of the road bands slagging Coldplay without a hint of irony.
  • Sun, 22:16: oh look; turned on my Windows 7 PC, got an Adobe update... usually that infuriates me ;-)
  • Sun, 22:22: hmmm; OEMs don't have to meet full #windows8 certification requirements for POST time until april 2013; do I blame slow OEMs or BIOS makers?
  • Mon, 10:17: RT @ianxx: List of images of OEM Windows 8 devices #win8
  • Mon, 10:28: @Inderes so Lumia sales going up after the June announcement was what, reverse psychology?
  • Mon, 10:29: RT @asymco: Amazon treats Android like Linux. Market analysts treat Android like Android.
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