Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
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  • Wed, 18:49: Some background & @wasbuxton on Project Gustav & Digital Art, which became the #Windows8 Fresh Paint app (scroll down)
  • Wed, 18:59: "Surely one of these men has died of embarrassment, but not nearly publicly enough" snark & truth together
  • Wed, 19:48: I know it's a summer but I'm surprised at the number of PRs who have press released products that turn out to be unavailable for review
  • Wed, 19:49: are these products customers can get but journalists can't or just press releases to get some attention?
  • Wed, 21:45: Read the mansplaining link & thought I don't do that? Fabulous. Please don't go telling any women you know that no men ever do it to them
  • Thu, 00:41: Are people still Khaning out about #windows8 ? Metrooooooo! From desktop's heart I stab at you! Search for Start? I think it's TNG myself
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