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  • Sun, 12:05: @CarbonWP stylised versus photographic, grey white versus grey black. Facing other way. Don't see it alas though understand your frustration
  • Sun, 12:06: @CarbonWP Unless they changed an earlier more similar look
  • Sun, 15:42: RT @moleitau: Augmented-Reality glasses that filter any surprises and reinforce your prejudices: “EXPECTACLES”
  • Sun, 15:44: RT @debcha: Compare/contrast: Pussy Riot, tried and going to jail for their political actions. Assange, refusing to be tried on sexual a ...
  • Sun, 15:56: hey @clipmate PowerPaste isn't doing too well in Windows 8 & Office 2013; hard to turn on, only pastes alternate clips ;-( known issue?
  • Sun, 15:57: I should add, I'm a *huge* @clipmate fan, can't work without it; if you ever copy anything, you should try it out & improve yr productivity
  • Sun, 15:59: the thin window/wide window snap ratio in Metro is hugely useful; wish it was an aero snap option on the desktop (docked OneNote style)
  • Sun, 20:06: criticising the #windows8 installer for having a Windows7 Aero look? try booting from it, not running it *inside Windows 7* & see metro look
  • Sun, 20:23: RT @sbisson: Interesting analysis on Edinburgh Eye of US and EU law regarding Assange. TL;DR. He should man up and ...
  • Sun, 20:40: RT @joshgreenman: If it's a legitimate knife attack, the human skin has a way of turning into kevlar.
  • Sun, 20:40: RT @snobographer2: In cases where the woman's legitimately not a witch, she won't drown in the ducking stool.
  • Sun, 20:44: went back to Office 2010. first reaction: what's all this crap all over my screen... modern interface, you've sold me
  • Sun, 20:52: RT @khealywu: WAIT. You're telling me that a MAN who was elected to office in AMERICA said something stupid about RAPE?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
  • Sun, 21:44: Tom Waits Step Right Up sounds like the advertising claims for every new tech product or online service, ever ;-)
  • Sun, 22:40: very loud swearing as I discover the Play To feature is gone from Media Player in #Windows8 ;-(
  • Sun, 22:43: hey @sonos should the #windows8 music app see my #sonos box as something it can Play To the way Media Player can in #windows7 ? or not?
  • Sun, 22:43: RT @timheuer: 2 wishes for @skydrive: 1) from windows client allow me to create share URIs. 2) default to short URIs -- why make me cli ...
  • Sun, 22:55: Anyone with #windows8 RTM who still sees Play To when you right-click on an album or playlist in desktop Media Player?
  • Sun, 23:23: hmm; those Media Player 'server execution failure' errors. appear to be replaced in #windows8 by silent failures to launch. #progress
  • Sun, 23:24: after many months of use, I appear to have hit the weak area of #windows8 shame it's media & that needs to be spot on for consumers
  • Sun, 23:27: my suspicion on this play to failure is that #windows8 has a very limited list of devices it accepts as DLNA devices to get best experience
  • Sun, 23:31: that's great except for where it removes a good experience I already had with DLNA in Windows 7
  • Mon, 10:42: First thought on Russian gay gag law; did they really call it that?
  • Mon, 10:43: A petition to tell Putin we don't do this in 21C
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