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  • Thu, 12:01: @mbrit LOB Windows Runtime-based apps must be cryptographically signed &can only be installed on a computer that trusts signing certificate
  • Thu, 12:02: let alone having a A have code B reimage your PC to install each new app; not trivial ;-)
  • Thu, 13:22: anyone know where the images for the #windows8 lock screen live? ie which folder?
  • Thu, 13:29: RT @mbrit: I'm seeing soooo many questions about Win8 RTM that's answered in @sbisson and @marypcbuk's book. �7 on ...
  • Thu, 13:41: tap-candy: pretty tablet apps that you enjoy touching and swiping but that have in the end, no useful functionality
  • Thu, 14:28: RT @chbidmead: Julian Assange Look-Alike Contest, Equadorian Embassy tonight. Fab prizes: free trip to Equador for winner and three runn ...
  • Thu, 14:40: went to install office 2013 on win8 rtm PC to make notes in OneNote; realised I'd grabbed all my Store apps & already had OneNote MX. handy!
  • Thu, 17:52: I have three laptops and two tablets on and around me. the cat thinks this is a great climbing frame
  • Thu, 17:58: browser history syncing between Metro IE on one PC and desktop IE on another; I'm kind of loving #Windows8
  • Thu, 18:56: looking for something metroesque to share from my flickr photos
  • Thu, 19:22: RT @edbott: OK, I'm starting a movement: Microsoft, do whatever you need to do to get the Metro name back. #savemetro
  • Thu, 21:59: Why is it as soon as a new version of windows 8 comes out the previous version starts misbehaving?
  • Thu, 22:43: THIS. why being patronising to a woman (in tech) is institutionally sexist as well as the ordinary kind of insulting.
  • Fri, 10:30: @SwissLehman even worse, latte rarely gives you food poisoning; badly behaved apps could run down battery, slow down experience
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