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  • Thu, 12:15: I was just reminiscing about this re me being pushy at the surface launch or just typical UK tech journo ;-)
  • Thu, 12:16: RT @thebeebs: So they announced Higgs Boson, without detailing price or availability. Apple would never do that.
  • Thu, 14:18: @TheRealRiaz that reminds me to introduce you to @getwired
  • Thu, 14:51: flight sorted, traffic up on global ZD blog, hit @techmeme again, jet lag almost gone (until next flight); looking like a pretty good day ;)
  • Thu, 14:55: pardon me for thinking that the exec who didn't lead Apple or BeOS to success might not be the right person to tell Nokia what to do...
  • Thu, 15:39: neat! #powershell Script Explorer uses HTML5 microdata, OData, Azure to find scripts & code snippets in repositories
  • Thu, 16:11: concerned that the Communications Bill might spy on your every online move? respond to the committee call for evidence
  • Thu, 19:11: last round of stupidity vs theoatmeal: this lawyer sounds more & more like Denny Crane or Tommy Jefferson (Harry's Law)
  • Thu, 19:16: this cloze email/social network data mining thing; is it like Xobni?
  • Thu, 20:14: I have 4281 custom autocorrects set up in #Office - I think they should auto sync like Outlook sigs & custom dictionaries through #skydrive
  • Thu, 20:15: @GaborFari @maryjofoley everything WHS fans want except the name & the console?
  • Thu, 20:33: everything in my local My Documents folder was dumped there by an app installer #stopdoingthat
  • Thu, 20:44: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! just got my #windows7 offline files bug happen in #windows8 for the first time #sob
  • Thu, 20:47: the reason I have nothing to care about in My Documents is it lives on server & offline files magics it but breaks DAILY #thoughtitwasfixed
  • Thu, 21:03: put upcoming trip into #tripit by hand as @virginatlantic can't email eticket for travel agent bookings, tripit suggested hotel we're in!
  • Thu, 21:47: I love UEFI - HP used it for a very nifty boot menu allowing boot from USB without messing in BIOS. But then Acronis kernel panics :-(
  • Thu, 22:07: slightly freaked by how often Bing Desktop theme pic is better version of a photo I took, like this LA Metro art
  • Thu, 23:09: a happy evening wrapping my head around Dennard scaling & gate dielectrics. Made @sbisson twitch w Gauss law & asking to explain permitivity
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