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  • Sun, 16:45: butterflies & dragonflies &leaping fish & soap bubbles at the beach this morning; yesterday we saw dolphins! Next, um, LA
  • Sun, 17:38: Awesome frozen custard; like a good soft serve vanilla ice cream with berries & peaches blended in -yum. Messy too ;)
  • Sun, 21:40: Can I just say how much I live LTE and connection sharing on lumia 900
  • Mon, 03:02: That did not feel like a long flight; work, movie, sandwich, book review, LA. The wait at baggage claim seems longer than the flight.
  • Mon, 03:06: Think #msmonday is like a game of Clue(do); any guess isna streaming media tablet in Hollywood with content partners & Miss Scarlet
  • Mon, 03:27: And of course #msmonday is very like panto. Is an RT tablet. Isnae. Is. Isnae. Is! Isnae!
  • Mon, 07:24: LA local news is covering rumours about what Microsoft will announce with footage of crowded Microsoft Store #msmonday #publicityisgood
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