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  • Mon, 20:40: Little piece of Portland in Atascadero; stumptown coffee, weird art, scones, hipsters. We did a jigsaw w no picture!
  • Mon, 22:11: Beautiful eco tasting room, excellent wine, especially the alberino, syrah, petit credit & Ku blend & white blend&...
  • Mon, 22:31: Lunch at Farmstand 46 in the shade
  • Mon, 22:32: What shall I have; the old favorite or something new? Why mess with perfection - the pressed pork fontina it is
  • Mon, 22:40: Still always funny when people look at our email address & double take/check we're not just *too* interesting ;-)
  • Tue, 01:05: Kiwi winemaker, but odd road dust bouquet/taste from the sauv blanc: GSM & MSG blends much better than varietals
  • Tue, 02:38: Cypher; every wine is great here as usual. New Zinbitch NOT ready to drink but will be awesome; Dusi Zin very much ready to drink & enjoy
  • Tue, 02:52: FABULOUS tasting with Amy of Ranchero Cellars; rich, complex triple viognier, shiny Chrome white blend, old vine carignan still toothsome
  • Tue, 02:53: As Ranchero Cellars is made in the Denner winery, we did the tasting on the patio in the sun, talking wine & just about everything else
  • Tue, 04:25: Friendly people, comfy beds and a hugs and toasty hot tub. Perfect transition from wine tasting to dinner at Artisan
  • Tue, 05:26: @rodtrent exclusive; you do know what that means right?
  • Tue, 06:10: Bacon tater tots, halibut with motels, l'aventure rose again, hush harbor bread, awesome Wild Horse pinot noir, Mmm.
  • Tue, 07:53: Hey #Santander I did not know you could make your business banking site suck more but you have; I hate it. Take the adverts off!
  • Tue, 07:55: Recommendations for UK bank with free business banking? New #Santander site so terrible I want to change banks to get away from it #hate
  • Tue, 07:58: Adverts that always make me snark; waxing, 10% off. No, you need to get all of it off.
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