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  • Thu, 18:05: RT @simonhackett: 'There is no Lady Gaga without Plankton' -- Louis Phihoyos, who made 'The Cove', framing his next film :)
  • Thu, 18:11: RT @keyboardP: Apple applies for optical stylus patent, Hell reports coldest day on record via @engadget
  • Thu, 18:12: RT @timanderson: some CIOs prefer "on time" and "on budget" to "useful to the business" says Jim Highsmith #twlive
  • Thu, 18:27: 1 hand; potential of new tech for productivity, entertainment, changing lives; other = awful effects of pollution, litter on nature #firex
  • Thu, 18:32: excellent comment on tech investing panel poiting out so much investment going to startups that are not tech companies #blamegroupon #firex
  • Thu, 19:19: RT @clarkekant: Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to play a didgeridoo and ride a unicycle and he'll move to Portland.
  • Thu, 19:41: Wonderful Business Week cover on the Euro debacle
  • Thu, 19:48: go straight to the algae to get Omega 3; cut out the middle fish! crushing small fish for oil is not sustainable #firex
  • Thu, 19:50: InterDigital accuses Huawei of patent infringement, Huawei sues over costs of InterDigital licence; Chinese co taking US approach?
  • Thu, 19:57: problem with using recycled aluminium for generating hydrogen? Have to develop inks that are easier to get off the cans #firex
  • Thu, 21:56: Not quite Dr Doolittle: many different animals have a language they use to communicate - lizards, prairie dogs, monkeys #firex
  • Thu, 22:16: the FTC sound unhappy about EU claiming jurisdiction over US co's with services available in the EU; have they missed Patriot Act? #firex
  • Fri, 00:06: Nokia mapping assets showing up in #Bing Maps; traffic on side streets, int'l traffic
  • Fri, 00:13: Cloud is a honeypot; cloud billing services doubly so; they have to expect social engineering attacks
  • Fri, 01:37: It's grey in LA(guna beach); odd fig-like fruits in the garden in a quick break from.#firex
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