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  • Sun, 22:34: How did I not spot this before. Like, unlike, +1; lolcat IS Newspeak #orwellwasright
  • Sun, 22:53: Quick, which dial is temperature & which is fan & which ac? Terrible UX of our time
  • Mon, 00:11: Came for the rose, loving the 04 chardonnay which has more pineapple than any chard I've tasted before.
  • Mon, 00:12: Also good news for David Bruce fans, he's making zinfandel w SLO grapes & cabernet sauvignon again by popular demand
  • Mon, 03:08: Will the same judiciary committee also take a look at the browser situation on iOS?
  • Mon, 03:15: RT @davux: Hate on a feature you don't like, but don't hate on the people that put their sweat and tears into making it the best it can ...
  • Mon, 05:58: Have read nothing but Anthony Price for 2 weeks; starting the last book I have in sequence tonight. Buy next volume or read something else?
  • Mon, 07:32: @johnnyryan next stop; design copyright and IP lawsuits?
  • Mon, 09:47: Things Google is bad at: running a company #zdnetuk
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