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  • Sun, 23:38: Wine tasting at Still Waters, Paso with added olive oil and pond
  • Sun, 23:41: Jammy Clone 3 cuvee merlot is Jammu and chocolatey (Checked in at Still Waters Vineyards)
  • Mon, 02:04: Couple of nice wines & good pistachios at Sculpterra. Stopped at Cypher but the sign changed to closed just as we got to the door :-(
  • Mon, 02:40: Here we are, back at @artisanofpaso again; can't resist! bacon tater tots &pigs ear salad & duck pumpkin & rabbit
  • Mon, 02:41: Tasted a vermentino called voluptuous that's so sparse of flavor it should be called anorexic. On to the rose instead!
  • Mon, 02:57: Everything in moderation; not too much water with dinner
  • Mon, 03:02: UX, UI, server, datacenter - beautifully explained through the medium of breakfast cereal. Only needs affordances
  • Mon, 04:27: Don't understand people complaining about #windowsphone not being compatible with proprietary iPhone headset controls
  • Mon, 05:28: pulled off 101 for a biobreak; amazing starry night sky above us
  • Mon, 07:34: Hello San Jose; you are not nearly as warm as where we've been. Oh wait, it's dark :-)
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