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  • Thu, 13:11: ahah ;-) handy list of Outlook search keywords with the slightly unguessable formatting for dates between as >= AND <=
  • Thu, 13:22: animated userpics on Twitter; have just realised they should be banned by the Geneva convention
  • Thu, 13:25: quick, I need to start an argument so the animated userpics in my replystream get pushed off the page: what can we argue about? ;-)
  • Thu, 15:07: RT @edbott: Today's Dilbert: "Want some free software?"
  • Thu, 15:24: RT @realdanlyons: Google glasses: I envision constant stream of tiny ads and Scoble updates from Google+.
  • Thu, 16:33: after feeling ill & REDACTED yesterday &tired & slightly ill today, wonder about just stopping for easter now. oh wait, I'm working easter(:
  • Thu, 16:38: oh I say; clean install of #windows8 on my Samsung Series 7 slate even spiffier than upgrade install; fixed keyboard & win button issues
  • Thu, 16:39: but I *still* don't have way to turn bluetooth on & wireless off (so I can have keyboard but not waster power on wifi when i don't need it)
  • Thu, 16:40: there's some darn driver required, I'm sure; I so wish Microsoft had a pay a subscription & we write every driver you need model for windows
  • Thu, 17:24: y'know, confirming alternate contact on Windows Live would be so much easier if it didn't try to send instructions to that alternate contact
  • Thu, 17:25: and then refuse to send the confirmation instructions because it doesn't trust the contact information because it hasn't been confirmed
  • Thu, 17:26: get it to send an sms confirmation says @sbisson guess how I confirm the phone number it should use to do that? ;-)
  • Thu, 17:27: I know I need to start on my 'trusted PC'; thing is, I thought this *was* my trusted PC ;-) #whichPCdidItrustfirst?
  • Thu, 17:53: RT @edbott: @marypcbuk @anildash @mattbuchanan "Ask for forgiveness not permission" is also known as "the case for punitive damages."
  • Thu, 18:30: now that's a strategy I could see Nokia succeeding with; cash for curves!
  • Thu, 18:40: THIS RT @shanselman: I'm pretty sure that if my call was important to you, you'd pick up the phone.
  • Thu, 18:57: really @ie and #OWA team? the warning for opening OneNote file in #ie10 is really still asking if I fully trust SkyDrive? #lefthandrighthand
  • Thu, 22:17: public service warning: the #windowslive updater appears to bounce the explorer process a few times. don't run while say uploading a file ;(
  • Thu, 22:20: RT @cwilso: G+: "When there's a huge solar energy spill, it's just called 'a nice day'."
  • Thu, 22:21: hey excel? document not saved: OK? NOT OK! NOT OK! praying windows 8 fixes my offline files bug, have to save my file to find out #dilemma
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