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  • Fri, 14:01: @marcdavis the 76 days worth of privacy policies a year the average user encounters that I mentioned
  • Fri, 15:57: I have no new email, I complained. Email arrived; something about 3D. I deleted it & wished I hadn't wished for email.
  • Fri, 15:59: 3rd party tool makers show *exactly* why Microsoft retired the tired Start menu in #windows8
  • Fri, 17:19: rephrasing; every few years, T-Mobile complains about device subsidy. better plan; make the network, not the devices why people choose you
  • Fri, 17:52: RT @adamshostack: RT @samalcoff Today's must read: @theonion is sometimes stone-cold honesty masquerading as a humor site ...
  • Fri, 18:00: why is the Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Modelling caIled INSIGNEO? Is is a Harry Potter spell to replace X rays?
  • Fri, 19:31: wait, the #windows8 Store just randomly barfs icons for newly installed apps into random Metro Start screen groups? that can't be right
  • Fri, 19:45: for @timanderson I changed the folders in my media library for other reasons and the Music Metro app filled up with albums; reindex?
  • Fri, 19:56: @MydexCIC so I just can't tell from the Web site; can I sign up for a Personal Data Store yet?
  • Fri, 20:18: waaah! can't seem to make Spider Solitaire from windows.old run on #windows8 desktop; what am I doing wrong? i need my cards!
  • Fri, 20:26: can't find the Games section in the #windows8 features you can turn on or off; ahem. I consider Spider to be instrinsic to Windows ;-)
  • Fri, 21:56: nice idea. EFF: An app can't be considered a viable product unless it respects the rights of users #privacy
  • Fri, 22:23: RT @SalmanRushdie: Anyone who thinks that fair pricing that allows authors to make a living is a cabal or cartel system is deep in the g ...
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