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wooden giraffes and other green shoots

a couple of weeks ago, before I planted up the window box for the bedroom (crammed with Icelandic poppies, trailing ivy-leaved geranium, diascia, lobelia, white campanula and at least 2 other plants I've already forgotten) and used the spare lobelia in the flowerbed out the front, I scattered a lot of seeds. Lupins from a friend, a mixed instant garden pack and double night-scented stocks. It's in the shadow of a horrid privet hedge and I didn't expect much from the seeds or the cuttings I put out (fuchsia and geranium), but after 3 days of rain varying from misty to heavy to torrential (I love the sound of rain) when I went for a walk today I spotted some tiny plants sprouting. Yay!

On the walk into town (post office and bank and just a smidgen of shopping (well, we needed the birthday card and the daylight bulb was half price and the crystal body art tattoo looks fun)) I always look at gardens and window boxes. As Putney becomes more expensive and yuppiefied (in 5 years our flat has doubled in value and the corner shop sells not only Ben & Jerry's but Hill Station ice cream) there are fewer tangles of elder and buddlea and fewer windwo boxes with dead plants in. Instead it's fuschias, geraniums, pansies, lobeila, petunia, clematis and a lovely show. And in amongst the pheasant-eye irises and roses in one garden I spotted - a wodden giraffe nuzzlign at the window. It had woodworm and the feet were flaing away and all teh varnish was gone and isntead of vile and tacky it looked charming and muted.

things that really need labels # 8: temporary sticky tape

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