Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Why Microsoft isn't allowing third-party desktop apps on WOA: the official answer

I'm expecting a slew of 'if there's a desktop in Windows on ARM why can't I write apps for it?' posts. The answer is very clearly in the epic blog post Steven Sinofsky published today, but I'm going to excerpt it here (although if you can't read the blog post and understand it, I don't trust you to write desktop applications).

"If we enabled the broad porting of existing code we would fail to deliver on our commitment to longer battery life, predictable performance, and especially a reliable experience over time. The conventions used by today’s Windows apps do not necessarily provide this, whether it is background processes, polling loops, timers, system hooks, startup programs, registry changes, kernel mode code, admin rights, unsigned drivers, add-ins, or a host of other common techniques. By avoiding these constructs, WOA can deliver on a new level of customer satisfaction: your WOA PC will continue to perform well over time as apps are isolated from the system and each other, and you will remain in control of what additional software is running on your behalf, all while letting the capabilities of diverse hardware shine through."

If you find the 8,000+ words in the Building Windows blog a little long, my interview with Steven Sinofsky is a little more succinct, at only a quarter of the length ;)
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