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  • Ср, 13:05: wanted to "serve China's citizens within the limits the government allowed"; is that Google backing down again?
  • Ср, 14:43: Azul Zing: moving its JVM from silicon to software. #zdnetuk
  • Ср, 15:39: RT @FOSSpatents: Schmidt may not like that patent law rewards the first to create something and penalizes all subsequent ones. That's th ...
  • Ср, 16:25: Interesting discussion of Google's business model as asking forgiveness rather than permission
  • Ср, 16:42: UK 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum bands will not be available for new use until 2013, post new OFCOM consultation this year; need MOAR bandwidth
  • Ср, 18:59: hey @seesmic - would be nice if seemsic web didn't keep saying 'update fail' and then posting the update without saying 'status updated'
  • Ср, 19:05: OK, Mozilla appears to have taken *really* good aim at both feet with this Firefox Live non-profit browser site ;-)
  • Ср, 19:07: so did no-one mistake the emergency test for a real emergency? on Internet radio, we got the DJ's off-mike chat instead ;-)
  • Ср, 19:26: Mobile Flash ISN'T Dead. #zdnetuk
  • Ср, 21:32: RT @Zaius13: The diagram showing how my circles of friends and enemies overlap to form a shared subset of frenemies is my Vennemy.
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