Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Russki, da? Niet: it's a LiveJournal bug

I have 13 words of Russian, give or take. hello, goodbye, please, thank you, yes, no, my name is, what is your name, ice cream, summer, what is it, where is it, house, books, world, bread and butter, black market, motherland, camoflage and Kremlin ;-) just the essentials, as it were. Intermittently, the daily collection of my tweetage on LJ is being headlined in Russian due to an ongoing bug on LJ that seems to date back to the DOS attacks and the subsequent updates. Somedays it's me tweeting Russian, tovarich (14), somedays it's himself. Actually, it's LJ. I understand the bug is known, pesky and possibly Heisenbugish* - certainly it is, alas, nothing I can do anything about. khorosho? (15)

* I recently found out that both Heisenbug and Bohrbug were euphoniously coined by the much-missed Jim Grey, of Fourth Paradigm fame; I was lucky enough to meet him more than once and I get a pang every time I'm reminded of him. Heisenbug has long been one of my favourite words and it's delightful to know it was his coinage.

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