Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Big Sur: simile, metaphor and the serpentine line of grace

Big Sur is all similes and metaphors to me today; the sea glittering like a disco ball, the monarch butterflies swooping along like tiny hang gliders on a schedule, sun baked Artemisia thick along the crest of the path that smells rich and savoury like anchovy as the oils bake out in the sun, great twisted tentacles of kelp like beached kraken or invading alien monsters that landed in the sea and didn't make it through the surf...

We spent the day driving down highway one, along cliff edges covered with pampas, shedding seeds like cherry blossom, around hairpin bends of green serpentine and brown grass and concrete bridges arching beside the blue, blue sea; same colour as the Florida sea, very different temperature. The waves are green glass or turquoise foam the colour of air in ice, which we saw not two weeks ago in Yosemite ;-) The waves are full of the kelp, torn up and spun into tangles and flung on the beach to look alien and sinister...

It's  Indian summer here still, sunny and bright. We stopped for  crab benedict with the amazing views of Cafe Kevah punctuated by begging jays and the occasional gong, saw the expected elephant seals and some very unexpected zebras and found a nice little diner called CJs for dinner in Arroyo Grande. Tomorrow to LA and home...

Tags: food, travel
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