Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Мои твиты

  • Вт, 20:30: Wow; slow down Blue Monday and make it acoustic and it turns into Jefferson Airplane's Need somebody to love. Not everything works acoustic!
  • Вт, 20:36: Hmm, I slept ten hours and I still feel dopey - coffee, sun and take it easy today I think
  • Вт, 20:41: No shortage of great places to eat, but @artisanofpaso is our favourite; if only chanterelle toast could be lunch!
  • Ср, 00:43: You can hardly see all the vines behind the pretty farmhouse &trees; nice rose, excellent reds, unusual whites
  • Ср, 01:17: A whole lot of fabulous new freak show wines at Cypher; rose, Grenache, cypher - yum...
  • Ср, 02:36: I love the pressed pork sandwich - and awesome cobbler tonight (Checked in at Farmstand 46)
  • Ср, 03:08: Another great day wine tasting in Paso. Complimented the winemaker at Cyphernon great wines, he said I made his day ;-)
  • Ср, 03:28: Smartphone security: How safe is your operating system? The divide driven by philosophy&popularity Recombu via @recombu
  • Ср, 03:55: In the Jada tasting room today we met the guy who made the COEXIST bumper sticker; we see that almost as much as Mystery Spot ;-)
  • Ср, 08:08: Quora's design is utterly broken if you use #ie9 TPL to block off-site services; it loads a page saying it can't update a form/get online!
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