Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

Travel plans: LA, Seattle, LA, Seattle, LA, silicon valley, LA

Monday is our last day in London for a few weeks (note, it's OK, the flat will be guarded so this isn't a risky security announcement). If you want to catch up with us along the way - or hook us up with a client - here's the current plan.

Tuesday: fly to LA, layover in the Virgin lounge, fly to Seattle
Wednesday: hang around Redmond - we're in the Marriot Town center without a car (but there's a bookshop and an REI and a mall and coffee shops) and we'll be gently recovering form jetlag and happy to catch up
Thursday-Saturday: busy in at a workshop. Saturday afternoon we fly back to LA for the BUILD conference
Sunday - Friday: BUILD - we expect to be pretty busy working and writing
Friday 16th: we're catching the evening flight to Seattle
Saturday 17th-Tuesday 27th we have ten days to hang around Seattle, catch up with people, have meetings etc. What we don't yet have is anywhere definite to stay ;-)
Wednesday 28th-Thursday 29th: Intel AppUp conference
Friday 30th: still in Seattle
Saturday 1 October: fly back to LA, feeling like commuters
1-5 October: Adobe MAX
6 October: our wedding anniversary - we'll have to think of something fun to do ;-)
soon after - silicon valley
18-20 October: BlackBerry Devcon in San Francisco
soon after - get ourselves to LA somehow; #include brunch in Santa Monica
24 October: fly home from LAX in time for Nokia World
Tags: travel

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