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  • Wed, 12:38: Is your mobile data safe in the cloud? As always, the answer is yes, no and maybe. Here's how to make sure
  • Wed, 14:05: Not many crashes then? one pair of database servers records all errors that occur on all Windows computers worldwide
  • Wed, 17:08: good thing I know how to guess passwords on review laptops when the previous journo was too lazy to unlock it before returning
  • Wed, 17:28: correlating LinkedIn requests from people you know with major changes in the industry ;-)
  • Wed, 17:33: If I want Google Docs access offline it's pretty likely I want to edit my document, not just view it #ucanhavemyrichappswhenuprythemfrommcdf
  • Wed, 17:39: every day I do thing I'm told are impossible, like driving Excel, Word and Outlook on a touchscreen PC #maybeIhaveabetterPC?
  • Wed, 18:17: +2! RT @gcaughey +1 RT @maryjofoley @deanvmc Not every app can or should be written using HTML5 and JS and used with a touch UI only (imho)
  • Wed, 18:41: entry on my credit card bill for SQ TIANA SAUL categorised as MISC/SPECIALTY RETAIL (FIREWRKS, TROPHIES, GRAVESTONES) um, WTF ;-)
  • Wed, 19:41: it's a bad PC day; first @sbisson can't boot his desktop now my beloved HP EliteBook overheated and shut down ;( making my sad PC face
  • Wed, 20:01: every time I start Windows, Flash wants to update; this is getting really intrusive...also hate apps asking me 'did you really want to quit'
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