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  • Mon, 12:42: coo! source? one way around the patent/moto patent value issues
  • Mon, 12:44: Buying Motorola is a really gutsy move by Google; expect interesting lawsuits, interesting reactions from other Android phone makers
  • Mon, 13:01: @edbott yes, that's one is really interesting because it's not the same set of patents/replies as in the other Microsoft/Android suits
  • Mon, 13:08: so did Google read all those editorials saying that Microsoft should be buying a handset maker? ;-)
  • Mon, 13:30: wait, what? Motorola stock is 60% up on the Google news but Google is 3% down? the market may not see this as good for Android?
  • Mon, 14:23: a week after playing with what claims to be a leaked build of #office 15 for am missing a new Outlook feature ;-)
  • Mon, 15:21: Petition: protect the benefit system against attempts to use it as a weapon let's not perpetuate cycles of disadvantage
  • Mon, 15:50: Google and Motorola Mobility: it's not just the phones #zdnetuk
  • Mon, 16:27: depends who u compete with! RT @treestman: #Apple spends $4.5B w others: anticompetitive. #Google spends $12.5B alone: fostering innovation
  • Mon, 17:05: Cold-brew coffee for instant iced coffee
  • Mon, 17:15: hmm; Android kernel, Bing integration, Amazon Appstore. TabCo's picking and mixing technologies from everywhere for Grid 10; almost Android?
  • Mon, 17:27: nice interface but $500 for an AlmostAndroid tablet; who's going to pay $500 for a tablet that isn't an iPad? #stilldontgetit
  • Mon, 17:32: split screen on a 10" device? I do that all the time on Windows 7. is Grid10 validating a lot of the #windows8 UI ideas?
  • Mon, 17:38: geez, why is TabCo answering questions about its marketing campaign rather than its product!?!
  • Mon, 17:54: these various Motorola projects and products of varying success; do they all become wonderful with added Google?
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