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  • Wed, 12:58: heh: just thinking about posting a 'does anyone have a working contact for X' made their Web site start working again! fear my mental powers
  • Wed, 13:47: Making friends & influencing people w patents; how a shift to cross-licencing in 2002 makes Microsoft money from Android
  • Wed, 14:02: I hate Yahoo signin with the fire of thousand suns. Want to setup facebook connect so I don't have to use it but to make that work: signin
  • Wed, 14:10: no, connecting a Flickr account to Facebook still doesn't work for me #drivingpinsintomyeyes #howhardcanitbe
  • Wed, 14:50: within five minutes I've received a release highlighted all in bright yellow & another with 180+ journo emails in CC rather than BCC #wrong
  • Wed, 15:21: New pet hate; Twitter clients that autocorrect Twitter handles. TouchPad and Mango, I'm looking at you...
  • Wed, 18:17: bad news: we need a new DSL faceplate to stay online for more then ten minutes at once. good news: maybe that will fix our slow connectivity
  • Thu, 01:09: LOL just had a 419 mail from Patricia Hewitt. British MPs now have the same trustworthiness as random Nigerians & bankers?! ;-)
  • Thu, 01:13: @BradSmi if Google is so keen on not using patents to block innovation, has Microsoft enquired about licencing G's search patent?
  • Thu, 10:43: @manan MSFT has 'gone' after several OEMs already but has licenced patents rather than going to court; mature business behaviour not posture
  • Thu, 11:45: synchronicity; after discussing natural sounds with @ntouk Bjork is on radio with a new album from natural sounds
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