Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

State of the Pebbles; snoozing with a wired jaw

We collected Pebbles late this afternoon; she was very perky all the way home - wanting to climb out of the box, waving her paws through the door, jumping around like a box of frogs... She stood in front of the food bowl indicating she needed something to keep her strength up, accepted a snack, ignored Ben hissing and growling at her (you're back! I missed you! I hate you!) and climbed onto my lap to chill out, purr lots and then sleep (unless you look like you're going anywhere near the kitchen when she zooms after you...)

They've wired her jaw together and in about six weeks that can come off and they can fix the broken tooth (didn't want to do any more damage to her mouth while it's this bad). The 'broken' toe was actually just dislocated so they put that back. Turns out her lungs were bruised by the fall so she occasionally coughs up a little blood and it oozes out of her nose as a little bubble but this is 'perfectly normal'.

She's been an utter tart with the nurses, doing her 'pet me, pet, stoke me, stroke me' act where she purrs, twines, headbutts and then gets so excited she savages your hand then pushes her paw at you to make you start petting her again ;-)

Checkup in a week, wet food for at least two weeks, kitty heroin for a while (metformin), wires off in six weeks. (That will either be a few days early or a month after, as six weeks is just when we head off for our next US trip - the vet says either is fine). And we've met a few more of our neighbours during the search ;-)
Tags: cats

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