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Just had a call from the vet - they've wired her broken jaw for six weeks, she's on wet food only for (actually must ask how long for - if it's six weeks keeping her away from Ben's crunchies will be fun), she can't go out of the house for two weeks (she won't like that), there's no rib damage but she does have a broken toe, and also a broken tooth (upper canine) - but they can't do anything about that until the jaw heals so we can spread out the huge bills ;-) The vet is keeping her overnight and we can pick her up tomorrow afternoon. With cats' usual perfect timing, of course, tomorrow is the day the car is being serviced...

I wonder if we can find a safe enough way to put the window box back?



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27th Jul, 2011 20:30 (UTC)
Owww! I'm glad that she's under treatment, but it doesn't sound like it will be much fun for any of you. I wish her quick healing.
28th Jul, 2011 19:31 (UTC)
Cat's jaws break if you so much as look at them funny. Bit of a design flaw that.

Hope she heals fast
28th Jul, 2011 19:40 (UTC)
she definitely looked the wrong way at the decking ;-)
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