Mary Branscombe (marypcb) wrote,
Mary Branscombe

the cat came back (the very next day)

 Just as I was abandoning the comfort of pointless yet vigorous debate on Twitter for dinner, there was a scrabbling at the office window (yes, the very same window) and a strange feeling that somebody wasn't pleased. I hauled up the window an in galumphed Pebbles with a huge scary black crust of blood over her nose, mouth and chin. She wasn't too keen when I picked her up and took her into the kitchen so try and clean her face; she wanted food. She looked at the crunchy food with a 'hey dumb food ape I can't eat this' look on her face and snarfed down wet food with abandon and some deeply distressing snorting. I mean I'd leave a restaurant if someone made that noise at the next table. She's having difficulty getting food into her mouth neatly, even eating off a plate plate and even Ben looked at her oddly (his joyous welcome involved sniffing the tip of her tail from a safe distance). After about a third of a pouch she stalked off into the front room and sat under a chair radiating waves on 'in my own time, I've had a bad day' and washed most of the dried blood off her face. That broke a scab and there's a little bleeding by one nostril and it looks like a cut on her chin, and her breathing is a bitnsnoring burbling, so vet in the morning. She purrs when stroked and unwound enough to have a good stretch, pad over to the sofa, accept pettings and get a full on purr going and then curl up in a ball. I think she has cuts and bruising around the nose and mouth, maybe a tooth knocked askew or just bleeding enough to gum up her breathing and possibly bruising on the chest - she does not want to be picked up, but she lifts her head for pettings and gives a little gentle headbutt (her usual indication of approval). Hopefully, no long term damage.


And climbing back in the window she fell out of? Just her bloody style ;-)

Tags: cats

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