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the cat came back (the very next day)

 Just as I was abandoning the comfort of pointless yet vigorous debate on Twitter for dinner, there was a scrabbling at the office window (yes, the very same window) and a strange feeling that somebody wasn't pleased. I hauled up the window an in galumphed Pebbles with a huge scary black crust of blood over her nose, mouth and chin. She wasn't too keen when I picked her up and took her into the kitchen so try and clean her face; she wanted food. She looked at the crunchy food with a 'hey dumb food ape I can't eat this' look on her face and snarfed down wet food with abandon and some deeply distressing snorting. I mean I'd leave a restaurant if someone made that noise at the next table. She's having difficulty getting food into her mouth neatly, even eating off a plate plate and even Ben looked at her oddly (his joyous welcome involved sniffing the tip of her tail from a safe distance). After about a third of a pouch she stalked off into the front room and sat under a chair radiating waves on 'in my own time, I've had a bad day' and washed most of the dried blood off her face. That broke a scab and there's a little bleeding by one nostril and it looks like a cut on her chin, and her breathing is a bitnsnoring burbling, so vet in the morning. She purrs when stroked and unwound enough to have a good stretch, pad over to the sofa, accept pettings and get a full on purr going and then curl up in a ball. I think she has cuts and bruising around the nose and mouth, maybe a tooth knocked askew or just bleeding enough to gum up her breathing and possibly bruising on the chest - she does not want to be picked up, but she lifts her head for pettings and gives a little gentle headbutt (her usual indication of approval). Hopefully, no long term damage.


And climbing back in the window she fell out of? Just her bloody style ;-)



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(Deleted comment)
27th Jul, 2011 00:51 (UTC)

(I like Pebbles.)
27th Jul, 2011 01:30 (UTC)
All four of us are SO glad she is back and crossing everything that she has no lasting damage from her escapade! Sending gentle hugs and prrrs for the vet visit.
27th Jul, 2011 06:10 (UTC)
Make sure she gets antibiotics. If it is a war wound there is the risk of infection.
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