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Hunting for a missing cat

Pebbles fell out of the window last night; we think she was jumping to the neighbour's roof and kicked the window box out of its fixing and it and she tumbled to the decking below; there's blood and a tipped out window box down there. She ran through the garden in panic, hurled herself at the fence, hid under the table when the neighbour came out to help her and by the time we got downstairs she'd run into next door's garden. The drops of blood stop being visible where she crawled into some absurd cross between six holly bushes, blackberry brambles, clematis, chicken wire, concrete posts, wooden boards and years of dried holly leaves; we couldn't find her in there with torches and walking sticks last night or this morning (I came out of there with 6" pieces of bramble stuck in my hair) and we think she got through the fence onto the railway embankment or into the narrow gap between the fences at the back of the houses and the fence onto the railway embankment.

She went out about 10.45 last night, so we looked again in daylight and there's no sign of *where* she went. So we have:
-leafleted all the houses on our side of the street as far down as where the railway bridge forms a hard stop with a concrete wall & asked everyone who was in when I rang to look for her & stuck up leaflets on a couple of posts
-listed her on the National Lost Pets Register at http://www.nationalpetregister.org/index.php which is a useful service I didn't know about
-phoned Battersea Dogs & Cats which has a 60p a minute lost pet reporting service (and a free Web form) and left her details
-phoned the Putney RSPCA hospital and left details
-phoned the Blue Cross animal hospitals in Hammersmith & Merton
-spoken to our vet
-got furious with the Google Maps search on the Battersea site for finding not vets but services that 'vet' candidates and used Bing Maps to find and phone all our local vets, one of whom suggested we bring in a photo for them to put up
-spoken to the British transport Police and asked if there have been any reports of a cat along the train line or making it to the stations either side
-not heard back from anyone ;-(

I can't think of anything else to try. We think she's probably hiding somewhere but we're worried she can't find a way back from the railway embankment (where there are a lot of foxes) and while it looks like blood from a broken tooth rather than anything worse, she might have holed up to lick her wounds and we don't know where that might be. I keep wondering about asking the helicopter pilots who regularly fly over the house...

Pebble at her elegant best
Pebble in box



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26th Jul, 2011 17:19 (UTC)
Come back safely Pebbles! I often mis-call her Pebble.

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Come back safely Pebbles! <em>I often mis-call her Pebble.</em>

P.S. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/search/?ss=2&w=42401116%40N00&q=pebbles&m=text"More photos of her</a> if you are up to it.

Edited at 2011-07-26 17:21 (UTC)
26th Jul, 2011 17:21 (UTC)
she's called Pebbles, but I always say Pebble too. Or furball/hairball, pronounced to rhyme. or Miss (Miss! I say, Miss! - The Parrot Sketch)
26th Jul, 2011 17:22 (UTC)
I see in many of them she is being an Utter Tart; her speciality ;-) especially http://www.flickr.com/photos/natalief/2894235299/
26th Jul, 2011 17:29 (UTC)
Of course she is! SHEE R TEH QUEEN! Like Smudge. I tried to fix my html but you had replied. ;-p

26th Jul, 2011 18:18 (UTC)
Sending 'kitty come home' thoughts.
26th Jul, 2011 20:50 (UTC)
Fingers--and feline paws--crossed for a safe return.
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