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  • Fri, 12:09: mythbusting without appreciating underlying conditions isn't that helpful; approval rating w'out alternatives?
  • Fri, 12:10: also on the china piece: art auctions not evidence of innovation, science papers are but the source of tech/IPO innovation not all internal
  • Fri, 13:06: hmmm; all the people commenting they like Google+ because they don't get game invites from friends may be about to change their mind
  • Fri, 15:02: wah: doing much packing up of things while @sbisson is in bed with a cold and one of the boxes ahs bitten a chunk out of my thumb ;-(
  • Fri, 15:27: have we done this to death: whether hacking voicemail is even illegal under RIPA? what is a computer? #notw #hackgate
  • Fri, 19:51: RT @shanselman: Ok, TweetDeck people. Yes, YOU. The rest of us would like you to stop with the long links. KTHXBYE.
  • Fri, 20:06: Memjet arrives: why isn't all printing this fast? #zdnetuk
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